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Our team at Soter Technologies has delivered hundreds of technical solutions for a variety of industries. Backed by decades of experience and dedication to product design, we now deliver the most comprehensive safety and security products on the market. Our caring for the communities around us is the foundation of our passion for applying cutting-edge technology to improve and save lives.

Devoted To Protecting You

The Soter name is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Soter is the personification of safety, deliverance, and preservation from harm.

Using advanced sensor and software technology, Soter Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental and social intelligence – to make the world a safer place.

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Our products and services impact more than 1000 organizations globally and have a proven record of identifying and averting threats – including being credited with saving the lives of students who were contemplating suicide.

If you would like to learn more about how we’re changing the world and helping people across the planet, check out some articles and press releases about our products and how they’ve impacted people’s lives.

You Are Safe With Us

Taking a holistic approach to safety and security through environmental sensing and surveillance, anonymous reporting, emergency alerts, and social media management, our suite of situational awareness products are designed to protect classrooms, campuses, workplaces, and communities worldwide.

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