Learn how to say "NO" to vaping.

It was NOT created to help you.

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Vaping does not only affect our health.

It affects our social and financial well-being.

So, how can we say "no"?

The AVC Program

Create A Vape-free Campus

We want to help change the vaping behavior and culture to create healthier and safer environments on your campus.

To help students and young adults say "no" to vaping, they need to know what exactly they are saying "no" to.

What is vaping? How does it affect us?

These are questions where many cannot answer with the correct facts.

But after listening and engaging with our speaker Bruce Barcelo, we will all be able to say "no" to vaping.

Audience Clapping


Bruce Barcelo

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Today I had the privilege of being asked to present to the South Western Buckeye League, SWBL’s Leadership Conference at WSU. This is 17 school districts and as you can guess, they are the student athletes that are leaders. To my right is Jerry Snodgrass, the Ohio High School Executive Director.