Meet Digital Fly! Soter Technologies' suite of education solutions! As students are facing new threats to their safety and learning environments, Soter’s Digital Fly product line is here to help. 

#ENDvape NOW

Vaping is not healthy.

It has become the new smoking.

With e-cigarette use by high school students rapidly rising, several states have adopted legislation outlawing vaping and the use of e-cigarettes on public and private school property, yet schools are struggling with detection and prevention.

1 out of 6

High school seniors have either vaped or used an e-cigarette in the past month

Detection used to be difficult

It’s not possible to have adult monitors everywhere. Students are vaping in restrooms, locker rooms, and other areas on school property where cameras are not permitted and where traditional smoke detectors fail to detect vape ‘smoke.’ Advanced sensor technology capable of is detecting vaping, smoke, and elevated sound often associated with bullying, fighting or screaming, helps schools identify and deter vaping while protecting the privacy of their students.

Students deserve a voice against bullies


Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year with 1 in 10 dropping out of school because of repeated bullying. With bullying, threats, and violence are the forefront of today's schools, anonymous reporting is a critical step in reducing critical situations in schools across the nation.

Social Media

The rapidly increasing use of social media and internet activity is changing education on every level, creating greater opportunities for cyber-bullying and escalating the risks of suicide, self-harm, and violence.


Paired with the ever-rising phone use among students, bullying and cyber-bullying have become increasingly prevalent both on and off school property resulting in a vicious cycle that is hard for parents and school administrators to break.

Safety First

The safety of school grounds should not be compromised. Schools across the nation are facing unprecedented combination of threats. All too often we are seeing students who are victims of bullying turn to violence and suicide.


No student should ever be in fear at school and no campus should have to compromise the safety and dignity of its students.

Schools need a solution

School administrators are under tremendous pressure to address bullying, threats, and emergency situations rapidly and effectively.


Equipping school teams with a holistic, social media-focused solution to intelligently track, respond to, and resolve incidents 24/7 empowers students, parents and community members to take action with the assurance that their voice is being heard.

Every Student Matters

Situational awareness and rapid emergency response are critical for saving lives. Every school should be a safe space. Helping schools manage and bring awareness to bullying, cyber-bullying, suicide, self-harm, violence, and environmental dangers affecting their students, is key for reducing tragedy at schools.

Introducing Soter's suite of education solutions: Digital Fly 


A real-time vaping and elevated sound incident detection solution and smart alert system.


An anonymous mobile reporting app and intelligent incident management system for education.



 A cloud-based social media monitoring and awareness solution for cyberbullying and threat detection.

Redact for Edu


An easy to use video redaction platform that works to protect student privacy across all digital content.


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