Turning bystanders into upstanders with anonymous reporting

Empower your students to

Students can submit anonymous incident reports and tips directly to school administrators. With anonymous mobile and web reporting, incident reports capture critical information in one easy step.

Mobile reporting and incident management for school

Glue Board's intelligent incident management system and anonymous mobile reporting application take action against bullying and threats in the classroom and on school campuses district-wide. Our technology empowers students to report critical information anonymously and equips school administrators with the tools to intelligently track, respond to, and resolve incidents 24/7.

Give students a protected voice

Students, parents, and members of the community can submit anonymous incident reports directly to school administrators. With anonymous mobile and web reporting, incident reports capture critical information in one easy step.

Advance intelligent insights for your school

With the web-based incident management system school teams can capture details on incidents, assign incidents to counselors and other professionals, communicate with students on reports, and both collaborate on and track each reported incident in one place. The intelligent incident dashboard provides powerful analytics that keep you informed at all times.

Take ownership and keep the lines of communication open

Real-time multi-channel communication systems allows anonymous interaction between students, school administrators, and support teams throughout the resolution process.

Easy-to-use real-time emergency alerts connect your entire campus in the face of an emergency. School teams can communicate critical information with students, parents, and law enforcement to help protect their campuses and save lives.

How it works

Capture more incidents with online and mobile reporting and advantage prescreened questions and multimedia capabilities to distinguish incident type, accuracy, and severity.


Promote a consistent reporting and investigating process with 24/7 access to incident data.


Stay in contact on the issues at hand, request critical information, collaborate with teams, and generate custom reports.


Your district’s best practices and process built-in​ to help effectively manage your team and stakeholders, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance.


Instant insights empower your school and emergency action support keeps your campus protected at all times.

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We provide the extra sense to stay aware of threats. Utilizing a combination of superior sensor technology and software solutions, we can instantly identify environmental and social anomalies across a wide range of situations.

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