Soter Technologies’ FlySense® Vape Detectors Making a Difference in High School Vaping

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Our FlySense® Devices Making a Difference

Soter Technologies’ FlySense Vape Detectors was recently featured in a news article concerning Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School. The Principal, Hannah McDermaid, mentions how accurate our technology is and how much it has helped their high school decrease the amount of vape-related issues. The article mentions that in the first month of school, administrators were confiscating multiple vape pens a day but, thanks to FlySense Vape Detectors, this number has significantly decreased to a mere one to two vape pens every few weeks. 

The deployment of our FlySense® vape detection devices is crucial as Principal McDermaid states that out of 26 vapes confiscated, 3 of them have tested positive for a substance other than nicotine. Principal McDermaid at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School acknowledges that the school is backed by tremendous amounts of support from their community for the deployment of our FlySense® devices. The rise of the vaping epidemic is dangerous, and we are proud to be right at the forefront of vape detection.


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