Combining Technology and Education

"Let's create positive habit changes through the combination of technology and education, together." -Derek Peterson

Detect and deter: these are Soter's key terms when trying to bring vaping in schools to an end, so what do they mean? Combing technology and education is an integral part in making positive behavioral changes among America's youth. 

Many know that vaping, has been announced a national epidemic among America's youth. Technology allows us to detect vaping - students do not want to get in trouble for using e-cigs in school, and by monitoring the air quality in a restroom with intelligent software devices we can easily detect when an incident is happening. The technology gives us the power to know when and who is vaping. 

So, what about deter? We want to create positive behavioral changes in students so that they know better than to vape. The use of electronic cigarettes is a bad habit with negative health effects, including strong addiction. Through education, we believe many students will realize that what they are inhaling is not "just water vapor," but nasty chemicals and loads of nicotine. 

Through technology combined with education, Soter Technologies wants to bring light to the fact that vaping is not healthy. The first step is detection, and the second step is deterrence.

Let's create a healthier environment, together.


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