Soter Technologies Grant Program

Congratulations to our January 2019 Grant Winners!

Vaping has become a national epidemic among teens and young adults and the institutions that have been hit the hardest by this are the schools. School administrators are being forced to constantly monitor student activity instead of focusing on the quality of education.

Many of our grant applicants spoke about this issue in their applications. We read stories about schools struggling to keep up with the rising number of students vaping and the eroding trust between teachers and students.

The Soter Technologies Grant Program, or our #NoVaping initiative, was created because so many schools across the country are dealing with this and some simply do not have the budget to effectively deal with this issue.

This round we have had the largest number of applicants and we were able to provide funding to almost all schools that applied! Applicants receive a #NoVaping Educational Package whether they are selected for the program or not.

We accept applications on a rolling basis! CLICK HERE TO APPLY!


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