Find and catch digital threats

Soter Technologies Partners With CyberCatch to Protect K-12 Institutions Against Cyber Threats

How important is cyber security to you? Protecting your assets and your privacy are both equally important to us. Soter Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with CyberCatch. CyberCatch is an industry-leading cybersecurity firm whose primary focus aligns with Soters own – Protection.

We specialize in school cyber protection with the use of CyberCatch’s platform. We help find and catch digital threats before attackers can exploit holes in your systems. CyberCatch uses a unique platform to test your system and builds infrastructure to protect your school or institution.

Here are some staggering statistics about cyber security:

Protect your school from cyber threats

83% of all malware attacks were targeted toward the education sector as of April 2022, impacting over 7.2 million devices.

Source: Microsoft

FBI & CISA issued an alert that cyber gangs such as Vice Society were expected to ramp up attacks against K-12 institutions.

Source: FBI & CISA

OVER 60% of K-12 institutions in the U.S. have common vulnerabilities, based on a scan of 11,118 websites.

Source: CyberCatch

Soter Technologies has your back when it comes to protecting you against these threats.