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The first mental health awareness AI platform.

Juno AI | Soter Technologies
Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain insights into the emotional climate of your entire school, both at an individual and collective level.
Enhance the capabilities of your camera systems with JUNO AI’s cloud-based emotional and behavioral analytics, which provide real-time forensic analysis to deliver valuable insights.
Redact’s ability to quickly and automatically blur and cover faces before publicly releasing videos aligns with FERPA guidelines and serves as an effective tool for safeguarding the privacy of students in school videos. 

Revolutionize Your School’s Emotional Awareness with AI-Driven Insights

AI-based analytics can identify emotional behavior patterns and their causes, allowing administrators to proactively support the mental well-being of students and staff. Real-time data and predictive analytics facilitate quick responses to emotional challenges, creating a positive climate that fosters academic success.

Juno AI | Soter Technologies
Juno AI | Soter Technologies

Keep Your Campus Safe with Our Innovative Video-Based Behavioral Analysis Tool

Our cutting-edge tool is designed to keep your premises safe by detecting potential fights in real-time. Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, our tool analyzes live video footage to identify aggressive behavior and alert security personnel immediately.

Protect Student Privacy with our Powerful Video Blurring Tool

Redact’s video blurring tool is an essential solution for schools looking to safeguard the privacy of their students in shared videos. Our advanced technology quickly and automatically blurs and covers faces in compliance with FERPA guidelines, enabling school administrators to easily manage and control their video content. 

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Juno AI | Soter Technologies

Simple Emotion events accumulate data

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Leverage your data from existing cameras. Create a better understanding of behaviors with data over time.