Redact for Edu

Protect student privacy with the ultimate redaction solution for schools.

Making Privacy a Priority

Protect Student Privacy

Content security on demand

Redact for Education equips schools with an easy-to-use platform that works to protect student privacy across all video and digital content by obscuring identities and personal property.

Using real-world optimized detection and verification, we provide the latest in multi-subject content blurring and audio muting.

Guaranteed student protection

With student security at the forefront, schools are increasingly using security cameras as a tool to monitor and improve student safety. This digital data has become an enormous undertaking for schools as they face a lack of transparency on privacy rights, parent information demands, and a responsibility to protect their students.

Designed for education

Redact for Education is designed with schools in mind. Our easy-to-use, affordable solution drastically reduces costs and processing times, protects students, and gives schools instant, accessible control over their digital assets and the ability to uphold Department of Education’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance.

How It Works

Redact for Edu makes it easy to upload and instantly redact videos.

Identity Protection

Automatic facial detection and simultaneous object tracking for multiple subjects in a single frame.

Content Protection

Add and adjust redacted objects, select face or full body redaction, and customize object visibility.

Smart Interface

Easy to use interface with video review and drag-and-drop capabilities to mute different audio time slices and crop video segments.