Saving Jane

Join us in helping stop human trafficking.

Saving Jane

Soter Technologies Partners With Saving Jane

Soter Technologies is partnering with Saving Jane to sponsor their Abolitionista workshop. Saving Jane is dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking to live the life they want to live. It also works to end all forms of trafficking through awareness-raising, education, and policy change. Join us for this amazing workshop to help educate children about human trafficking.

Saving Jane, Soter Technologies

What’s an Abolitionista?

Abolititionistas, an innovative comic book workshop educates kids about human trafficking and equips them with safe internet skills that empower them to protect themselves. This is created with the help of law enforcement, educators, and other experts, this 2-hour workshop responsibly teaches kids how to recognize dangerous situations while engaging online and offline in a safe, empowered, and confident manner.

abolitionista, comic book workshop

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Saving Jane, Soter Technologies
In the Abolitionista Workshop Students Will Learn:
  •  Safe online practices
  • How to create personal boundaries
  • How to recognize a recruitment conversation
  • How to deal powerfully with a predator or trafficker
  • Whom they can go to for help if they get into trouble.

Get Educated:

In 2022 there were 19,000 reported cases of child sex trafficking. 16% of children that were reported missing were most likely sex trafficking victims, and there were over 66 thousand reports of human trafficking.

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