SymptomSense is fast, easy, versatile vital screening

Early Detection, Less Infection

SymptomSense Screening Evaluation Gateway

The Screening Evaluation Gateway (SEG) provides fast, easy, versatile vital screening.

Screen for Critical Vital Signs:

  • Temperature
  • Blood Oxygen Level
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate

Help minimize the spread of infections and inspire confidence.

How It Works

Before entering gateway, remove any of the following:

1. Place the provided glove on your RIGHT hand

2. Lower your face mask as you enter the gateway

3. Align your feet with the floor mat and reamin still, eyes forward

4. Place your RIGHT thumb into the pulse oximeter

5. The sensor will adjust to your height. Remain looking forward, seeing yourself in the mirror

6. Please keep still until the attendant signals you to exit the gateway

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Benefits of SymptomSense™

Reduce the possibility of mass infection and detect key vitals with SymptomSense™.

Network Ready

Able to connect to the internet which facilitates updates to be managed centrally.

Real-Time Vitals

Capable of scanning a person and providing real-time data of their vital signs scanned.

Swift Results

Fast, easy, versatile vital sign screening.


Report of scans is provided at the end of scan procedure.

Temperature Alone is Not Enough

Multi-factor vital screenings provide a higher degree of accuracy. SymptomSense™ analyzes four crucial vital signs: External Body Temperature, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate, and Blood Oxygen to determine possible signs that correlate to known symptoms of illness.

SymptomSense | Soter Technologies

Early detection, Less Infection.

Non-Invasive Vitals Screening

SymptomSense Kiosk

The Kiosk uses an advanced infrared dual-technology imaging technology and ready-to-use, user-friendly software for super-fast/real-time integrated vital readings.

Key Features

All Kiosks are customizable to suit your specific guest, traveler, and employee management. The Kiosk is a multi-faceted, multi-sensor kiosk ready to screen for three (3) key vitals:

External Body Temperature

Heart Rate

Blood Oxygen Level

SymptomSense Kiosk | Soter Technologies

* Report of scans is provided at the end of the scan procedure

Integrated Barcode and QR Code Scanner
Easy to Install and User-Friendly for Operational Efficacy
Tablet Can Be Floor Standing, Wall Mounted, or Tabletop

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