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Say Hello, Soter Safety Bundle.
Bring safety and confidence back.
Layered Approach
First Layer: Private Check

StudentHealthPass™ allows Parents to privately screen their child and Faculty to screen themselves before heading to school.

Screen for Temperature and Blood Oxygen at home and log it on our platform.

Second Layer: Screen, Detect and Confirm

Patent Pending

SymptomSense™ is fast, easy, and versatile health screening and metal detection.  

Screen for CDC Recommended Symptoms:

  • Blood Oxygen Level

  • Temperature

  • Heart Rate

  • Respiration Rate


Reopen your organization.

Minimize the spread of infection.

Inspire confidence.

Third Layer: Guidelines and Disinfection

Patent Pending

FlySense® UV is a real-time air quality and sound anomalies detector.  

Detect air quality:

  • Vape

  • Humidity level

  • Ammonia

  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds

  • CO, CO2, and NO2

Real-time room occupancy. 

Allow non-invasive detection. 

Disinfect the environment.

Get Started.

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We provide the extra sense to stay aware of threats. Utilizing a combination of superior sensor technology and software solutions, we can instantly identify environmental and social anomalies across a wide range of situations.

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