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Caseville Public School

As with most schools, vaping has become a huge issue. Students are spending time out of class to vape, making frequent trips to the bathroom to do so. Because we are a small, rural, K-12 building, we have students of all ages sharing the bathrooms, making it more of a priority to put a stop to vaping at school and in school restrooms. In addition to younger students risking being exposed to this harmful behavior, and the health risks that vaping can cause, students are also missing out on valuable instructional time. Because we are not able to use video surveillance in the restrooms and vapes are very easy to hide and keep on your person, it is difficult to catch students who are vaping. FlySense® will help our school by sensing the use of vapes and bullying, so that an administrator can catch students in the act and deter student use of vapes in school. When caught, students at our school are assigned a two day in school suspension. During this time, they are enrolled in the Second Chance Tobacco program, educating students on the dangers of the use of tobacco and vaping products. They must complete this program prior to returning to class. The county health department will also touch base with students who are caught vaping to help them reflect on the dangers. It is our hope that this process will help to educate students about the risks associated with vaping, rather than simply suspending them from school. However, if we cannot catch students, we cannot attempt to intervene and offer education to students and parents on the dangers of using vaping devices. It is our hope that in installing FlySense®, we can catch students who are using these vaping products and intervene to help them make healthier choices.

Shaarei Bina Torah Academy for Girls

We are a very small, all girls school , 128 students in grades 6-12. Although we are an Orthodox Jewish school our girls are very much aware of the world around them and are typically developing adolescents. What happens in the culture surrounding us seeps into our life as well. We believe that a number of our older students are experimenting with vaping and some of the younger girls are very disturbed about this. We have brought in a social worker to speak with the students and the parents as a way of enlightening the school community to the risks associated with Vaping. Our biggest challenge is that although we have suspicions we have no proof. So when we talk to the general student body the smokers allow the words to "vaporize" over their heads. We would like to be able to know who the actual perpetrators are so that we may help and guide them. We would not ask them to leave school but rather help them wean off of the addiction and help build up their self-image so that they do not have to search out artificial highs. Unfortunately, our budget is very tight. Over 80% of our students are on needs based scholarships. This is a double edged sword as the families and the school cannot afford hi-tech products and programs, and yet this is the most vulnerable group to substance abuse. We would appreciate any guidance, support ( both monetary and educational) that will enable us to guide our young women.

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Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School

We are in the midst of a terrifying health epidemic that is directly effecting our young people. While we initially thought that vaping was isolated to just a few students at our school, we have learned this is not the case. We have heard from numerous parents (and students) that vaping is occurring in our classes, in hallways, in restrooms and locker rooms. We are deeply committed to helping our students avoid using alcohol and drugs, especially nicotine. To that end, we hope that installing the FlySense® Vaping Detection system in several of our student restrooms will help us to identify those students who are currently vaping and get them the help they need. In addition, FlySense® will send a message to students that the administration is willing to stop at nothing to protect their health and safety.

Coppell Independent School District

Coppell lSD has a comprehensive approach to address and deter vaping in our schools, which includes the use of vape-detecting technology. Vape-detecting technology assists school officials in quickly identifying those who may be vaping in areas in our schools that are otherwise unmonitored. This technology allows school officials to respond quickly to these vaping incidents, while also discouraging vaping on school property. Students who are caught vaping will receive a consequence consistent with the guidelines in our Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, educational resources will be made available for those students who are caught with vapes and e-cigarettes. Coppell lSD is looking to expand the use of vape detection hardware to include more campuses and to make a greater global impact on nicotine addiction.

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