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The World’s First Vape Detector & Bullying solution

FlySense® is a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for detecting vaping and bullying. This vape detector and bully detection system is trusted by thousands of schools and institutions.

Help spread health safety awareness in any building with our vape detection solution and anti-vaping educational material.

Revolutionizing the Future

Vape Detection Made Easy

FlySense® provides environmental intelligence that allows a possibly dangerous or harmful situation to be addressed in a timely and effective manner — thus averting potential disaster.

The solution provides real-time alert notifications via text or email when instances of a vape and elevated noise that may suggest bullying is detected.

FlySense - Vape Detection
Notification: Vape Detected

Vape detected in second floor bathroom

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We’re at the Forefront of Vape & Bullying Detection

Click the video below to see how FlySense® can help reduce vaping and bullying in your institution.

Total Control at Your Finger Tips

Custom Developed Software That Puts You In the Driver’s Seat

Capitalize Time

Receive instant alert notifications that provide the time and location when vaping or potential bullying occurs via text and or email.

Complete Control

Change settings such as device sensitivity and also add subscribers through the FlySense® Dashboard.

Device Tampering

Be alerted when device tampering occurs with an audible signal that sounds when someone is within the proximity sensor range.

24/7 Environmental Intelligence

Constant indoor air quality (IAQ), sound, and light monitoring through the devices ensures a healthy and safe environment.

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Making a Difference

Solving Vaping and Bullying Across the Globe

Join the rest of the world in promoting safer and healthier campuses with our FlySense® vape detector and more anti-vaping solutions.

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