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Soter Technologies develops FlySense®, the World’s First and Leading Vape Detector and Bullying Monitor.

Detect vape and deter bullying with FlySense® – the market’s highest quality vape detector at the most affordable price.

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Soter Technologies, FlySense® FS286, vape detector front view
FlySense® FS286

The FlySense® FS286 is a vape detection and anti-bullying solution.

FlySense® FS300 vape detector top view, vape detector and anti-bullying solution
FlySense® FS300

The FlySense® FS300 is our 8th generation vape detection and anti-bullying solution, with a newly enhanced cloud-based portal.

Airthings Space Pro Air Quality Monitor for Schools and Business, front view, vape detector and anti-bullying solution
Airthings for Business

Soter Technologies has partnered with Airthings for Business to provide Indoor Air Quality monitors.


Our journey began with the vision of our CEO and Founder, Derek Peterson, who experienced bullying as a student.
As an engineer, he dedicated himself to developing a device that would prevent future generations from enduring
similar hardships. Thus, FlySense® was born, a groundbreaking device capable of monitoring sound in areas
where cameras are restricted.

The success of the first FlySense® device prompted school officials to seek our help in tackling a new social
problem: vaping. Our team of engineers designed sensors to detect vape and changes in air quality. These sensors
were integrated into the original device, leading to the launch of an upgraded FlySense® version in 2017. We take great pride in the lasting partnerships with school districts across all 50 states and 30 countries. Currently, we have developed 8 generations of FlySense® and have collaborated with over 3,000 school districts. Our shared goal with these educational institutions is to create safe and healthy environments that promote optimal learning.

At Soter Technologies, we remain committed to innovation and progress, continually refining our solutions to address emerging challenges in schools, organizations, and the private sector. Together with our valued partners, we are dedicated to building a better, more secure future for learning and working environments around the world.


Be in control

Customizable Software That Puts You In the Driver’s Seat

Capitalize Time

Receive instant vape alert notifications that provide the time and location when vaping or potential bullying occurs via text and or email.

Complete Control

Change your vape detector settings such as device sensitivity and also add subscribers through the FlySense® Dashboard.

Device Tampering

Be alerted when vape detector tampering occurs with an audible signal that sounds when someone is within the proximity sensor range.

24/7 Environmental Intelligence

Constant indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, sound,  vape detection and anti-bullying prevention through our devices ensure a healthy and safe environment.


Soter Technologies EoT (Environment of Things) web portal for managing FlySense® FS300 vape detectors, desktop screenshoot

Our FlySense® FS300 comes with the capability to self-assess anomalies and the ability to integrate into our newest platform, EoT Live. We’ve redesigned this portal with your needs as our priority. Equipped with a multitude of new experiences and functionalities such as multiple access levels to view desired information, enhanced reporting features, subscription options, ease of adding devices, and the ability to add sub-sites – users can view live sensor data in real-time with information tailored to their environment.

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Making a Difference

Solving Vaping Across the Globe

Join the rest of the world in promoting safer and healthier campuses with our FlySense® vape and anti-bullying detector and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions.

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Active FlySense® Devices

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News & Updates

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