Our advanced sensors and algorithms empower safety and awareness by precisely detecting smoke and vape particles, and identifying bullying incidents.

The 8th Generation of FlySense®

Introducing our new and improved real-time vape detector and anti-bullying solution, designed to improve the detection and deterrence of vape and bullying incidents in your organization. With rigorous research and customer feedback, we have enhanced and improved our new device as well as our new portal. Leveraging advanced technologies and data analysis, FlySense®300 offers invaluable insight, now with AI capabilities, to help you effectively monitor your environment.

The World’s First Vape Detector

Learn more about the FlySense FS300 from our CEO and Founder, Derek Peterson.

Wider Vape Detection Range

An internal airflow system within the device enhances the accuracy, effectiveness, and range of vape detection.

Self Diagnostic Capabilities

Equipped with the ability to assess various aspects of your FlySense® 300. It detects anomalies and generates detailed descriptions to pinpoint problems. The automated assessment eliminates the need for manual inspection to identify potential issues.

Improved Aggression Detection

An upgraded capability to effectively analyze and interpret sounds and audio signals with a higher level of accuracy and reliability. These improvements enable more precise identification of different audio sources and aggression patterns that may be bullying instances.

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Now Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

AI Forecasting

Utilizing historical data to assist administration in determining when they should be monitoring spaces (i.e. bathrooms or locker rooms) to help diminish the use of vapes, and at which locations.

For example, if an alert is predicted for Wednesday at 4 pm in the girls upstairs bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a staff member monitoring that bathroom at that forecasted time.

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Provides clear and intuitive feedback on its operational status based on the color.

Detects the presence or proximity of objects in its range to alert for tampering.

Measures vibration to detect acts of vandalism or tampering.

Measures frequency, decibel level, and sound patterns to identify acts of aggression.

Designed to shield against unwanted particles and contaminants while allowing desired elements to pass through.

An internal airflow system is now an integral component that facilitates the circulation of air to enable a wider range for vape detection.


Dimension: 6”x 6” x 2.25”500+


Weight: 10 oz.75+


Operating Temperature: 32° – 100° F (0° – 37.8° C)980+


Power Consumption: 4W, Power Input: IEEE 802.3af PoE (Cat5E or Cat6 Cable)980+


Enhanced Cloud Based Portal

We introduce EoT Live, our new re-developed portal. It enhances the user experience and functionalities that allow for multiple access levels to view desired information, enhances reporting features, subscription options, ease of adding devices, and the ability to add subsites, to name a few.

EoT (Environment of Things) web portal for managing FlySense® FS300 vape detectors, mobile screenshot

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