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Our Solutions

Real Solutions that Ensure Healthier and Safer Environments

Help promote safer and healthier campuses and buildings with our IoT solutions.


Vape Detection

FlySense® is the real-time vaping, elevated sound incident detection solution that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.


Multi-factor Vitals Screening

The most effective approach to screen vitals. SymptomSense™ is fast, easy, and versatile vital screening allowing your business or organization to stay open and help protect your employees & patrons.


Anonymize Your Identity

Equips buildings with an easy to use platform that works to protect a person’s privacy across all video and digital content by obscuring identities and personal property.

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Solving Vaping and Bullying Across the Globe

Join the rest of the world in promoting safer and healthier campuses with our anti-vaping solutions.

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