Our Solutions

Help promote a better lifestyle for the new generation.

Our Solutions

Real Solutions that Ensure Healthier and Safer Environments

Help promote safer and healthier campuses and buildings with our IoT solutions.


Vape Detection

FlySense® is the real-time vaping, elevated sound incident detection solution that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.



Cyber Protection K-12

CyberCatch finds and catches digital threats before attackers can exploit holes in your systems, then builds a custom infrastructure to protect your school or institution.

Juno AI

Detect Mental Health

Juno AI is designed to detect and identify emotional and mental changes in students. This groundbreaking technology can also predict potentially dangerous situations.

Help us stop human trafficking

Saving Jane

Making a Difference

Solving Vaping and Bullying Across the Globe

Join the rest of the world in promoting safer and healthier campuses with our FlySense® vape detector and more anti-vaping solutions.

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