Esports Equipment and Accessories

Why Choose Esports?

Esports offers significant benefits for schools by providing students with opportunities to develop teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital literacy skills in a structured and supervised environment. These programs foster a sense of community and inclusion, encouraging positive social interactions and reducing the likelihood of engagement in harmful activities.

At Soter Technologies, our mission is to create safer environments for students by leveraging technology to prevent harmful behaviors like vaping. By supporting Esports in schools, we align with our core values of promoting healthy, safe, and enriching activities for students.

Esports programs not only engage students in positive ways but also provide a platform to reinforce the importance of a vape-free lifestyle, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and safety of our youth.

What is Esports?

Esports, or competitive multi-player video gaming, is a multibillion-dollar global industry, and it’s educational sector is growing exponentially as technology makes it easy and inexpensive to form a club here student interest will never be a problem.

Each piece of equipment comes with a 5 year warranty and a life time of support. 

Esports Equipment

gravity gaming snk intel

Perfect Design

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Solstice MK3

Suitable for all levels of Gamers. From low-end to high-end, it is equipped with robust ASUS graphics, Kingston Fury memory, and support for multiple drives, ensuring smoother, faster, and more detailed gaming experiences.

gravity gaming solstice mk3
gravity gaming apollo esports console


Featuring your choice of an Intel processor or an AMD processor. Providing excellent performance at an affordable price point. Paired with an ASUS graphics card, the Apollo is a great option for those looking for a solution built for gaming and streaming alike.

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