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Flysense employs sensors that analyze air quality for chemicals commonly found in vape aerosols. Additionally, it uses audio analysis to detect patterns associated with bullying behaviors, such as shouting or distress sounds.

FlySense can be deployed in educational institutions (schools, colleges), public facilities (libraries, restrooms, locker rooms), workplaces, and other areas where monitoring for vaping or bullying behaviors is required.

FlySense prioritizes privacy and operates by analyzing environmental data rather than capturing personal information. It focuses on identifying behavioral patterns associated with vaping or bullying incidents without identifying individuals.

When FlySense detects vaping or bullying behaviors, it sends real-time alerts to designated personnel or authorities (SMS/e-mail), allowing for immediate intervention to address the situation.

Yes, FlySense is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing security systems or IoT infrastructures, allowing for easy implementation and coordination with other monitoring systems.

Flysense typically requires minimal maintenance. Regular software updates and occasional sensor calibration may be needed to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, FlySense complies with data privacy regulations and prioritizes user privacy by focusing on behavioral pattern detection rather than individual identification.

While FlySense cannot entirely prevent incidents, its real-time alerts empower authorities to intervene promptly, potentially deterring such behaviors and fostering a safer environment.

FlySense is equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms designed to achieve high accuracy in detecting vaping aerosols and patterns associated with bullying behaviors.

K-12, colleges, hotels, hospitals, workplace environments, etc.

Please feel free to contact us at 934-500-5454 or email us at support@sotertechnologies.com.

Currently, the FlySense® Buzzer only goes off for tampering. The current reasoning behind not including a buzzer for vaping is to ensure the subscriber is able to attend to the alert without the student(s) running off. Responding to alerts and enforcing a vaping policy accordingly reduces the possibility of future events and helps lead to a vape-free campus.

The DNS address is given by the DHCP server. When the DHCP lease/reservation is updated, the router should provide the new DNS address. DNS lease generally lasts 24 hours. We recommend waiting and forcing a lease update from the router or rebooting the device.

Your FlySense® device(s) is working properly, the device just has to be adjusted to the environment. Our devices have a default alert timeout of 10 minutes. This means that upon detection of any kind (vape or sound) you will not receive that same type of alert for 10 minutes. The sensors are independent of each other. In other words, if you receive a vape alert you will not get another vape alert for 10 minutes but you can of sound and vice-versa. This alert timeout can be changed depending on the environment. In some environments, where it takes longer for the initial reading to dissipate, the alert timeout can be increased accordingly.

Each alert message is about 100 bytes long. The device checks for updates every 2 hours. This update check takes a few hundred bytes over 2-3 minutes so the bandwidth is also very low. If an update is available (a rare occurrence), the downloaded update package is about 800kB which is very small by today’s standards. There shouldn’t be any concern with bandwidth and traffic using our devices.

The vape sensitivity setting on the device correlates with the height of the ceiling that the device is installed on. The default setting of low is for ceilings with an approximate height of 8 feet. The medium setting is for ceilings of 9 feet, and for ceilings of 10 feet or above we recommend high sensitivity. This is not a hard and fast rule but a guideline to give you an idea of how the vaping sensitivity setting works with varying heights. There are other factors that can affect the system’s performance that cannot be directly quantified (e.g., air flow, ventilation, air quality, and composition in the bathroom).

Alerts appear in the portal. Users also have the option to subscribe to alerts and receive email and or sms notifications.

Updates are applied automatically, with no action required.

We accept payment via check, credit card, ACH and Wire.

No, you can contact our accounting department at 934-500-6961 and the credit card information will be taken over the phone.

No, a purchase order is not required if payment is made in full when the order is placed.

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