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As a nation, we have taken a large step towards vape-free institutions. In April of 2023, over 1,500 districts across the United States won a class action lawsuit against JUUL Labs, Inc. In recent years, e-cigarettes, which are also commonly known as vape pens, have posed a significant problem in schools. The marketing of these products is specifically tailored towards teenagers – from their popular flavors, to their bright colors, it is no surprise that high school students’ vaping has significantly increased over the last few years. 

At Soter Technologies we are proud to be part of the solution with our award winning anti-vaping program. Our patented program consists of our enterprise ready FlySense® vape detector along with educational material.

Our main goal in developing FlySense®, was to detect vaping, educate administrators and staff via notifications or alerts, and deter students from participating in bullying incidents, and we have succeeded. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied and have a great experience with us as a company. We eagerly anticipate partnering with you as we continue on our mission in playing a substantial role in the battle against vaping. 

Intervention, prevention, and therapeutic approaches are far more effective in addressing student addiction and mental health issues than punitive measures. Educating students, parents, administrators, and communities about the dangers of vaping is just as important as reducing vaping in your institution. We take pride in being more than just a vape detection company.

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At Soter Technologies, not only do we help deter vaping in schools, but we also offer educational materials.
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Why Choose Us?

At Soter Technologies, we take great pride in the lasting partnerships with school districts across all 50 states and 30 countries.

Currently, we have developed 8 generations of FlySense® and have collaborated with over 3,000 school districts. Our shared goal with these educational institutions is to create safe and healthy environments that promote optimal learning.

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