Competitive trade-in program

Soter Technologies’ Competitive Trade In Program

For the month of February school districts can now upgrade to Soter Technologies’ FlySense next-generation vape detector (NGVD) by trading in a competing vape detector! Save today and in the long-run.

Upgrading existing vape detection systems has never been easier or more affordable for school district officials, thanks to the Soter Technologies Customer Loyalty Program for its FlySense line of detection devices.

It offers an upgrade path from current Soter Technologies products as well as a trade-in path from competitors’ products. It also offers special pricing on a wide range of Soter Technologies products, recognizing the past investments that end users have made and helping them maintain optimal solutions. School districts who purchase the comprehensive subscription services and support option when upgrading a Soter Technologies product or trading in a competitive product can save up to 75 percent on the total annual subscription cost of that solution, compared to the cost of buying the hardware separately and renewing services each year. Subscriptions are available in three and five-year terms to maximize savings.

The Soter Technologies Customer Loyalty Program consists of two offers: Vape Detect Upgrade Plus (which covers Soter’s upgrades and Competitive Trade-Ins) and the Soter Technologies Customer Loyalty Bundle.

Vape Detect Upgrade Plus is designed for current, qualifying Soter Technologies customers who want to upgrade from older Soter devices, as well as those looking to trade in devices from other manufacturers. The Vape Detect Upgrade Plus offer lets qualified customers and prospects trade in their old devices for the latest FlySense device at significant discounts. Additionally, for customers who make an upgrade or trade-in purchase, the Customer Loyalty Bundle offer provides special pricing on Soter Technologies’ other product solutions not represented in the Vape Detect Upgrade Plus purchase. For example, a customer upgrading a vape detector may also, within a limited period of time, receive special pricing on our AirThings Indoor Air Quality Sensors or FS286L LoraWan Vape Detector.

See Terms and Conditions for qualified upgrade paths. For details on arranging upgrades to Soter Technologies’ high-end vape detection products, contact us today.

Our Customer Loyalty Program

 To qualify for the Customer Loyalty Program, the participant must be the legal Owner of the Eligible Soter Product or Eligible Competitive Product. To purchase either the corresponding Soter Technologies Replacement Product or a corresponding Competitive Replacement Product, that Product must be (i) currently registered with the manufacturer, and (ii) listed in the Eligible Product Matrix shown below.

In all cases, both customers and resellers are advised to consult the Eligible Product Matrices for each product line prior to completing any purchase. End customer contact information must be provided at the time of registration regardless of which party (i.e., the end customer or reseller) is completing the registration process.

Soter Technologies reserves the right to validate legal ownership (e.g., by requiring a receipt or invoice showing proof of ownership).

Terms & Conditions

Purchase and registration of the Eligible Competitive Product requires six (6) months prior ownership of an Eligible Competitive Product. As a condition of this program, the Owner agrees that he/she will ship the Eligible Competitive Product to Soter Technologies within sixty (60) days of the Registration Date. If proof of ownership of the Eligible Competitive Product is not available within fifteen (15) days upon written request from Soter or if the Eligible Competitive Product is not shipped within sixty (60) days of Registration Date of the Replacement Product Soter reserves the right to terminate the services applicable to the Replacement Product SKU.

In order to register the Replacement Product, the Owner must provide current contact details (i.e., contact person’s name, e-mail address, business phone number, organization name, and physical address) and certify that all responses in the required fields of the Competitive Replacement Form are true and correct.

To qualify for the applicable Customer Loyalty Offer, the Owner must participate in the Secure Upgrade Plus or Competitive Trade-in offers.

For purposes of the Customer Loyalty Program, the following definitions apply:

Registration Date  means the day the Owner registers the Replacement Product with  a valid account on www.sotertechnologies.com

Eligible Soter Product  means the Soter product the Owner has agreed to replace and remove from service that is listed in the Eligible Product Matrix below.

Eligible Competitive Product  means the competitive manufacturer’s product that the Owner has agreed to replace and remove from service and (listed in the Eligible Product Matrix below).

Replacement Product  means (i) the Soter device that replaces the Eligible Product, (ii) as listed in the Eligible Product Matrix tab and (iii) is purchased through Secure Upgrade Plus.

Owner  means the person who has legal ownership of the Eligible Soter or Eligible Competitive Product.

Learn more about our FlySense® FS286 (available with cellular or LoRaWan connectivity), the Space Pro IAQ monitor, or the FlySense® FS300!

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