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“90% of our time is spent indoors; where the air is 2-5x worse than it is outside” – World Health Organization

Airthings Monitoring Solutions

The air quality solution that balances health and energy efficiency through the monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

With respiratory illnesses on the rise, our wireless indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors can enhance your ability to maintain a safe learning environment for your students and staff members. Healthy IAQ in your educational building produces better performance of cognitive tasks among students, an increase in test scores, and a significant decrease in IAQ-related absenteeism.

Reduce energy costs in your building by monitoring things like your HVAC system and its performance in your building. Enhance productivity levels, and increase focus and comfortability. With Airthings, you can now efficiently make informed decisions on facility management, make better use of resources, and establish a better workflow.

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Airthings for Business provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors that focus solely on health and safety in schools. The combination of Airthings and FlySense® solutions guarantees a wholesome environment throughout your institution. 


Space Nano

An IAQ monitor equipped with temperature reading capabilities. Up to a 20-year battery life and an ability to withstand high temperatures and humidity (ranging -22 °F to 140°F). The Space Nano can monitor spaces despite the climatic conditions.

Airthings Space Pro Air Quality Monitor for Schools and Business, front view, vape detector and anti-bullying solution

Space Pro

Airthings’ most comprehensive, smart IAQ, battery-operated monitor. This solution has a customizable display screen. The sensors read PM levels, CO, VOC, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Light, and Noise levels in your building. It also has two virtual sensors which monitor Occupancy and Virus Risk. 

Space CO Mini

Airthings’ smallest monitor with up to 10 years of battery life. This solution monitors CO, Humidity, Temperature, Pressure, Lux, and Noise levels. It’s virtual sensor measures Occupancy and Virus risk. Schools will have the option for USB-C connection.

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Airthings Space Plus, soter technologies

Space Plus (Radon)

This is the first battery-operated smart IAQ monitor with Radon detection. The sensors in this monitor read CO, VOC, Humidity, Temperature, Radon, Pressure, and Light levels. With virtual sensors that can help determine Occupancy, Virus Risk, and Mold Risk levels.

Space Hub

With long-range cellular connections, an eSim, and access to real-time and historical air quality data – the Space Hub by Airthings is necessary per every 30 devices.

Airthings Hub, Airthings Space Plus, soter technologies

How It Works



Our wireless indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors enhance your ability to ensure a safe learning environment for your students and staffers.



Provides a quick and easy solution to view, customize and analyze IAQ data, giving you complete control and flexibility over IAQ and energy saving.



Access data through our REST API, set up Webhooks to push data to your own API, or subscribe to our MQTT broker to integrate data to your existing BMS or BAS.



Always-on remote access with Space Hub which uses a proprietary, long-range, ultra-lowpower connection. Can operate with ethernet or cellular connection.

Measure What Matters

Grants & Funding

Federal funds from the American Rescue Plan are able to be used for indoor air quality improvements, and $122 billion for schools and $350 billion for state, local, and Tribal governments was allocated to respond to the pandemic. These funds can be used for indoor air ventilation and filtration upgrades in schools.

Several states throughout the country also have grant programs slated to facilitate indoor air quality improvements

Our Mission

Our team at Soter Technologies has delivered hundreds of technical solutions for a variety of industries. Backed by decades of experience and dedication to product design, we now deliver the best air quality monitors on the market.

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