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Reseller Application

Here at Soter Technologies, our mission is to develop and deliver innovative solutions for environmental and social intelligence. In the education space, we’re dedicated to tackling vaping and bullying in schools with our FlySense™ real-time vaping and elevated sound incident detection solution. Our caring for the communities around us is the foundation of our passion for applying cutting-edge technology to improve and save lives.

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You’re connecting  with partner-only resources that help you go to market faster and more efficiently.  And you’re connecting with a global ecosystem that can help you deliver the end to-end solutions today’s customers demand. 

PartnerPlus for Resellers

Your customers want a performance edge—an edge that provides superior  business results. You want a new level of business growth. Teaming with Soter can  help deliver both.

PartnerPlus for Independent Software Vendors

By coupling our market-leading products with your innovative  software applications, we’re helping customers make business-critical decisions  and perform their best. 

PartnerPlus for Alliance Partners

Today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise solutions are becoming ever more complex and  necessitate a collaborative go-to-market approach by a variety of providers who  each offer vital components that make up a total solution for a customer. Aligning  with like-minded complementary providers is therefore fundamental to Soter.

Providing a Performance Edge

Collaboration is key to transformational solutions. That’s why Soter Technologies collaborates with partners in engaging with customers and delivering value. Thanks to our robust global partner ecosystem, customers around the world are taking full advantage of Soter offerings to sharpen their performance edge. 

Many of our partners resell Soter products and services, while others provide software applications, specialized solutions or services that complement Soter offerings. With our award-winning Soter® PartnerPlus program, we help our partners grow, build greater expertise and serve customers more effectively.

Together, we’re empowering customers by intelligently linking people, assets and data.

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