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Patent Pending Solution

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Introducing FlySense™, the real-time vape detection™ solution that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.

Patent Pending Solution
About the product
Our multi-sensor devices are capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and noise disturbances that may suggest violence such as bullying.
When the FlySense™ sensor detects vaping signatures or decibel level anomalies caused by bullying, a zero-delay, location-specific alert notification is sent by SMS and or email to designated school officials.

How it works

FlySense™ is easy to setup, install and use

The Soter Team is Here to Help

Receive guidance and support directly from our experienced team members

Creative Positive Environments

Through our experience, we can help to create safer, healthier, and more positive environments

Deter Unhealthy Habits

Detect and deter behaviors and incidents that are inappropriate and potentially dangerous 


The App

Remote Control

Control your sensors from your smartphone or computer​

Data Snacking

Gather insights into any location from your phone​

The Hardware

Easy install and setup

Two mounting screws & one RJ45 connection


Works off of a wired ethernet connection and supports Wi-Fi 


PoE (powered over ethernet) and external power via AC/DC transformer


Optional tamper-proof cage protects the sensor from tampering​

The Dashboard


In a few easy steps, you can customize each sensor to its specific location / environment​


See real-time sensor data and analytics


Gather insights from each sensor and correlate with school operations​


Real-Time Vape Detection™

FlySense™ is monitoring 24/7 with zero delays of event notifications​

Confidence Level

Set the confidence level for when you should be notified of an incident 

Choose Notification Type

via SMS and/or email


Customize who is notified during events and adjust subscriber notification schedules

The FlySense™ Dashboard

Have access to device set-up, device adjustments and monitoring, scheduling, and customization of alert notifications through your computer or phone with the mobile app.

Real-time sensor data and analytical reports determine which locations and time of day experience the most activity to help schools align operations and react accordingly.

Mobile Web Portal

Use your phone to check or adjust your FlySensors™ at any time – from school or home, work or away. Schedule and receive real-time text and email alerts when FlySense detects an environmental disturbance.

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