5 Ways to combat Nicotine Cravings

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How to Deal with Nicotine Cravings:

Without question, dealing with the cravings from nicotine withdrawal is one of the biggest hurdles for quitting any nicotine product. So as our youth are getting ready to return to school, let me share 5 tips on quitting. 

  1. Exercise.  This can be extremely helpful during a person’s quiet journey. It helps diminish cravings and distracts the mind. It also produces an important chemical in the brain, dopamine. 
  2. Use Distraction. I have shared this truth many times,” The cravings will pass whether you smoke/vape or not.” Listen to music, draw, paint, journal, or even do chores. Purposefully using a distraction will take your mind off the craving and move you through your quit journey. 
  3. Lean on Your Support System.  Being able to lean on the support from family and friends is crucial. Being honest about your feelings and struggles will be a tremendous benefit. 
  4. Find Stress Solutions. We have talked about the fact that over 80% of youth that vape, do so because they believe it will relieve stress and anxiety. But the reality is, vaping nicotine can increase anxiety and stress. So, encouraging them to try deep breathing, meditating, or even writing down feelings will be helpful. Just going outside to enjoy nature will be a stress reliever. 
  5. Celebrate Accomplishments. Research tells us that when we take the time to recognize and celebrate accomplishments will boost resistance to craving and stress. 

I hope these will be helpful and encourage those struggling with nicotine addiction to give quitting a chance. Help them understand that every attempt leads us to our final quit

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