Dangerous Vaping Oils in Ireland Impacting Teens

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According to this news report, a father in Derry, Ireland, has raised concerns about children and young adults accessing vape oils that could be laced with ‘spice’, a dangerous synthetic drug. “His 16-year-old daughter was hospitalised last week, having taken multiple seizures as a result of inhaling the vapours produced by these oils, which can be easily accessed by people of all ages throughout the city. ‘I don’t know where they got them, but I do know that children are selling them to other children, and it’s not just a wee problem, it’s a very big problem…It’s just like a clear liquid, the same as other vape oils you would buy, you couldn’t really tell the difference between them, there isn’t even a different smell off them.’” Teens & pre-teens vaping without knowing what’s in the vape cartridges are creating all kinds of problems for school officials around the world. Fortunately, there are resources such as Soter Technologies FlySense vaping detection devices, which notify school officials – in real time – when vaping (and/or bullying) is taking place in areas such as restrooms where recording devices are not an option due to privacy issues.

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