Derek Peterson explains why JUNO AI is the way of the future.

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Derek Peterson speaks with Telecom Reseller in their podcast about our new product Juno AI. “As education districts struggle to get their arms around campus safety, one company has come out with an AI application that is designed to help administration, faculty, and anyone else involved in student safety, have a better understanding of emotions and sentiments occurring in real time on their site. ”

In this podcast, Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies walks us through JunoAI and how its deployed, applied, and managed. We learn about JunoAI’s attention to issues of privacy and the needs of each student. The technology is designed to help the team of people, on campus, to better know where to be present, and to better anticipate where offering a hug, or emotional support might be needed. The product works with existing surveillance systems and is agnostic to the platform. As MSPs and Channel Partners look for timely items to add to their solutions portfolio, Soter looks to take AI a logical addition for companies already offering security solutions along with their larger communications offerings.


Watch this podcast interview here.


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