Soter Technologies releases FlySense 286 series including Cellular, LoRaWAN, and YoLink

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FlySense 286 product suite
Soter Technologies introduces FlySense 286 product suite

Today we release FlySense 286 product suite incorporating expanded wireless network connectivity options. Addressing the needs of schools and enterprises around the world, FlySense is the first vape and bullying sensor in the market with embedded global cellular (4G/LTE), LoRaWAN, or YoLink support. In this podcast, Derek Peterson, chief executive officer of Soter, discusses how FlySense 286 not only delivers needed detection of vaping in places and spaces where vaping is strictly prohibited, Soter’s innovations sets the product independent of the organization’s network.

Many organizations follow cybersecurity best practices or mandates to minimize the variety of devices attached to a network that also carries proprietary or private information such as email, browsing, cloud connections, and server access. Operating FlySense devices over wide area networks such as cellular or LoRaWAN, and alternative local networks using YoLink, provides this physical separation without raising concerns about any cybersecurity risks. “We’re excited about our product roadmap,” adds Peterson, pointing out several verticals including education (school campus and facility), food service (including making detecting employee vaping), hospitality and more. We learn that selling and installation are “easy peasy”, and that the product line is makes for a ready sell for channel partners. Want to see more? Click here. Listen to this podcast by clicking here.

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