Southwest Career and Technical Academy Installs FlySense® Vape Detectors

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Donation of 16 FlySense® Vape Detectors helps school to remove 8 vape devices from campus during first week of school

Ronkonkoma, NY/ Las Vegas, NV – August 23, 2023 – The Southwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, NV, completed the installation of 22 of Soter Technologies’ school vape detectors FlySense® products used to detect and deter vaping on campus. This high-tech sensing technology is being used to create a safer and healthier indoor environment for students and staff in school. The school purchased a total of six FlySense® devices, with the remaining 16 units being donated to the school by Soter Technologies to enhance coverage. Soter also covered the cost of installation for the school vape detectors at the school.  

As the school embarked on its academic year in August 2023, Cameron Roehm, an integral member of the community, attested to the efficacy of the FlySense® detectors. In a noteworthy observation, Roehm noted, “The sensors are very accurate and we have removed at least 8 vapes off our campus in the first 4 days with the detectors.” This vape detection initiative assumes significance within the broader context of ensuring student safety in Clark County. The region’s commitment to addressing the student vaping challenge is exemplified by the recent authorization spending bill endorsed by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, which earmarks funding for K-12 education in the state. Further addressing this issue, Assembly Bill 330—the Safer and Supportive Schools Act— and Assemblywoman Angie Taylor’s school safety legislation, Assembly Bill 285, underscore the multifaceted approach toward fostering secure educational environments. 

“Student vaping levels are rising across the United States. To address this epidemic, the administration of Southwest Career and Technical Academy has shown it’s committed to being a leader in deterring vaping and reducing bullying in Nevada and the nation. At Soter, we share the same determination to protect student health. Donating our devices will allow the school to monitor more areas where cameras cannot go,” said Derek Peterson, founder and CEO of Soter Technologies. 

Millions of US high school and middle school students admit to vaping. The use of e-cigarettes has become a significant health concern for parents, teachers, school administrators and government leaders. Soter Technologies created the first and now the most widely adopted vape and bullying detection and alert system in the world so that schools could address the vaping problem. 

“Our district is committed to educating students and parents about the dangers of vaping. With the FlySense® technology, we have a new tool that will allow us to reduce vaping in our school and identify students that need guidance in breaking the habit. We are taking a comprehensive approach to reducing vaping and ensuring that we have a healthy, safe environment that allows students to focus on learning and achieving their full potential,” said Assistant Principal Cameron Roehm.   

The FlySense® suite of products identifies dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are present in the air when vape devices are used. Advanced sensors and algorithms detect flavored vape, THC Vape and Nicotine Vape. Once detected, an alert is sent to school administrators or security staff by text and email. 

“We know that detecting and deterring vaping is only part of what is needed to address this student health threat. Our technology assists schools to identify students and start helping them break their vaping habit and addiction to nicotine,” added Peterson. FlySense® also has anti-bullying features, which detect sound anomalies in school bathrooms that indicate that bullying or fighting is taking place. No microphones are used, only sensors that monitor decibel levels. Alerts are then sent to school administrators. 

A 2022 study from the FDA found that about one in 10 or more than 2.5 million U.S. middle and high school students currently used e-cigarettes, 14.1% (2.14 million) of high school students and 3.3% (380,000) of middle school students reported current e-cigarette use. Numerous students and adults have been hospitalized and there have been several deaths associated with vaping. Laws to ban vaping and flavored vape products have been adopted in multiple states and are being considered across the nation. 

For more information about Soter Technologies and FlySense® visit: www.sotertechnologies.com




About Soter Technologies 

Ronkonkoma, New York-based Soter Technologies is committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of students and the public with advanced technology and creative solutions. Using advanced sensor and software technology, Soter Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental intelligence – to make the world a safer place, from schools to enterprises to public spaces. Taking a holistic approach to safety and security, Soter provides technology tools to detect and deter without invading privacy. The company was founded as Digital Fly® in 2015 – focused on social media awareness. The company is the first in the world to introduce a vape and bullying detection and alert system for schools – FlySense® Vaping & Elevated Sound Detector. The company’s technology has been embraced by schools across the United States and around the world. The Soter name is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Soter is the personification of safety, deliverance, and preservation from harm. For more information about the company, its services and products visit:  www.sotertechnologies.com

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