How Juno AI will support students’ well-being and help relieve some of the teachers’ burdens.

Juno AI will support students, Mental Health Support

How Juno AI will support students’ well-being and help relieve some of the teachers’ burdens.

Education and socialization were far from the only things affected by the last almost 3 years of the pandemic. The Institute of Education Sciences says 70% of U.S. public schools have an increase of students seeking care at school and just 56% of school staff believe they could provide effective care.
With an increase in mental health issues ranging from anxiety and depression to an increase in violence in schools, our educators are feeling the burden of this.
Juno AI will help schools collect data for the overall well-being of students. This unique technology will also be able to help determine when fights start. Juno AI will also help collect cumulative emotional and behavioral data of students to help staff respond to situations and provide help to students they see struggling. Our mission is to help students who are struggling with mental health and equip educators and staff with a tool to help identify concerning behaviors.
Daily tracking of things like mood, activity levels, and classroom engagement,  can help trigger warning signs for behavioral health challenges that an educator might need to refer out.
When it comes to privacy, especially for students Juno Ai takes this seriously. Juno AI uses three technologies to comply with school privacy regulations.  

• JunoAI uses three technologies:

  1. Soter’s Anonymous Facial Extraction (SAFE), enables anonymous emotional extraction and detects anomalies in an individual’s emotions over a period of time, typically weeks and months.
  2. Crowd detection and automatic alerting (SMS/email), which enables early detection of fights through pre-trained models that recognize behaviors of fights in a school environment and immediately notify staff
  3. Redact tool  that enables selective redaction of faces within the recorded video, allowing schools to publicly release the videos without negating privacy requirements
To learn more about JUNO AI and other Soter Technologies solutions visit www.sotertechnologies.com.

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