How secure is your School?

How Secure Is Your School
How Secure Is Your School in 2024?

According to this news report, cybersecurity is a growing concern for Iowa’s public school districts after cyberattacks hit computer networks at Glenwood, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and, most recently, Des Moines Public Schools. Des Moines’ network was hit over the weekend, prompting the district’s IT staff to take it offline Monday and resulting in the school being canceled for Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. Schools now rank fourth as a target of cybercriminals, according to John Stile, chief technology officer for Council Bluffs Community School District, who spoke during the Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

Social engineering attacks, also known as phishing attacks, remain among consumers, businesses, and especially schools’ biggest security threats. Whether it takes the form of a fake shipping email, a login reset request for bank accounts, or a message from your “boss” asking you to buy gift cards, these attacks are getting more sophisticated and common.

Technology is becoming more ingrained into every aspect of our lives. Over $100 billion is spent every year on cybersecurity, but attackers keep breaking in, stealing data or inflicting ransomware. CyberCatch is one technology that is proven to help prevent cyber attacks. The CyberCatch platform helps you implement the necessary controls, then the platform automatically and continuously tests the controls to find control failures so you can fix them promptly and stay safe from attackers.

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