CBS News reports about Soter Technologies, and the use of FlySense in North Carolina schools.

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As vaping continues to be a widespread issue in schools across the country, many districts are looking for innovative solutions to combat this dangerous trend. Soter Technologies’ FlySense vaping detection devices are one such solution that is making a significant impact in North Carolina.

In a recent report on CBS News, Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson explain how multiple school districts in North Carolina are using FlySense devices to combat extensive vaping by students and establish safe learning environments. The devices, which are placed in areas such as restrooms and locker rooms, detect vaping and send real-time notifications to school officials.

The use of FlySense devices has proven to be highly effective in curbing vaping in schools. In fact, one school district in North Carolina reported a 70% reduction in vaping incidents after installing the devices. This not only helps to protect students from the harmful effects of vaping but also helps to establish a culture of safety and responsibility in schools.

Soter Technologies’ FlySense devices are easy to install and use, making them an ideal solution for schools of all sizes. By providing real-time notifications, school officials can quickly address incidents of vaping and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

If you’re interested in protecting your school with FlySense technology, visit Soter Technologies’ website to learn more. With FlySense, you can take a proactive approach to combat vaping in your school and establish a safe and healthy learning environment for your students.

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