National Bullying Prevention Month


“Every October, individuals from across the nation – and around the world – unite in a campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying.”

Every October is National Bullying Prevention Month! This campaign was founded by PACER in 2006 in order to bring awareness to bullying and put an end to it. The month has become a catalyst for involving the national to take action at the local level, providing a platform to hold events at the schools and communities, share information about the issue, and help create a world without bullying.

Statistics only show us when bullying is reported; one out of five students reports being bullied. Students that report being bullied indicate the incidents occur over twice a month. Reports show that the majority of bullying happens in school and now online.

Thousands of America’s youth experience bullying on a daily basis. These incidents occur from peers at school, after school in the community, and more recently through social media. PACER tells us that there are many ways to support bullying prevention as a school, individual, and family.
Schools around the nation have taken up projects in order to put an end to bullying, show victims they are not alone, and more importantly educate the bullies that he or she is causing harm to a peer.

Dedicate this month to taking leadership at your school and continue it all year long!

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