Soter Technologies: A Beacon of Excellence at the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards

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A Beacon Of Excellence At The 2023 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards

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In a grand ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort, the business elite gathered to recognize and celebrate the pinnacle of innovation and success. The event was none other than. With the shimmering Pacific as a backdrop, the gala saw the convergence of leading businesses from various sectors, all being lauded for their exceptional contributions to their respective fields.

Frost & Sullivan has always been at the forefront of identifying and celebrating businesses that not only set benchmarks but also redefine them. Jeff Frigstad, Global Sr. Vice President, Best Practices, Frost & Sullivan, remarked, “These awards are a testament to companies that don’t just follow trends but set them. They are the disruptors, the innovators, the ones who see tomorrow today.” And true to his words, the companies honored have shown remarkable foresight, innovation, and growth in their industries.

This honor speaks volumes about Soter’s dedication to creating safer and more efficient indoor environments,”

said Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson. The company, based just outside of New York City in Ronkonkoma, NY. leverages technology and innovation to ensure optimum social management. In a world where the indoor environment’s dynamics are continually changing, Soter Technologies stands out as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit, driving change and setting new standards.
Other notable award recipients included Accelovant, AT&T, Avance Clinical, Infobip, Inovalon, Lumen, Netcracker, and Science 37. Each of these companies has carved a niche for themselves, showcasing exemplary performance in areas like technological innovation, leadership, customer service, and strategic product development.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards are not just any accolades. They are a culmination of rigorous research, in-depth interviews, and meticulous analyses by industry experts. By recognizing these companies, Frost & Sullivan not only celebrates their achievements but also sets the bar higher for others to aspire and reach.


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