Soter Technologies Announces Channel Agreement with JBI Distributors

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Channel Agreement with JBI Distributors

Soter Technologies Announces Channel Agreement with JBI Distributors

Partnership Will Bring Advanced Sensing and Video Analytics Solutions to Agricultural and School Facilities


ITEXPO, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, February 14, 2023—Soter Technologies, a leading provider of innovative environmental sensor and software technologies, announced that it has reached an agreement with JBI Distributors to distribute the company’s environmental sensing solutions to agricultural facilities and school districts in the Midwestern and Western United States. The distribution agreement enables JBI to resell Soter’s hardware and software solutions, including the FlySense® vape detection and anti-bullying system and the AI-driven Juno AI video analytics platform.

JBI has built a nationwide customer base by delivering leading-edge biosecurity and sanitization products to food producers and processors, and transportation providers. During the pandemic, JBI developed a strong presence in schools and other public and private facilities by providing solutions for sanitation and protection against pathogens. JBI will offer Soter solutions that extend its ability to address social and wellness challenges in schools, as well as impact air quality and safety needs across multiple markets.

“We are delighted to work with JBI, a partner that will give us a proven channel to tap into the agriculture sector, as well as expand our reach in serving our core education customer base,” explained Derek Peterson, Soter’s chief executive officer. “The JBI team possesses a unique skillset that brings together outstanding technical skills, as well as uncommon domain expertise. We anticipate that our partnership will result in significant growth for both Soter and JBI.”

Soter is a recognized leader in the development of IoT solutions that address practical environmental and safety challenges in schools and other facilities and venues. It has a reputation for delivering highly effective, privacy-aware, and cost-effective indoor air quality and audible noise detection and notification systems. Soter’s newly launched Juno AI video analytics software is at the forefront of innovation with its capacity to make schools safer as it provides an effective framework for automated monitoring and real-time analysis of anonymized individual identities, offering the potential to recognize changes in emotional states that could be precursors to harmful behaviors.

“We are very proud to work with Soter, which has developed advanced technologies that surpass competing sensing and security offerings in the market,” said Craig Steen, president and chief executive officer of JBI Distributors. “Soter’s solutions allow food producers, schools, and other organizations to improve safety, security, and wellness throughout their facilities. These are challenges that are top-of-mind for many organizations, and we are eager to offer tangible solutions that are impactful, reliable, compliant, and cost-efficient.”

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