Empowering Schools in the Battle Against Vaping: Celebrating Our January 2019 Grant Winners

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In January 2019, our hearts swelled with pride as we announced the winners of the Soter Technologies Grant Program. Vaping has emerged as a grave national epidemic, particularly among teenagers and young adults, and educational institutions have borne the brunt of this crisis. Faced with the challenge of monitoring student activity to curb vaping, many schools find themselves diverting precious resources from educational excellence. Our grant program, also known as the #NoVaping initiative, was born out of the urgent need to support schools combating this issue with limited budgets.

Addressing the Growing Concern of Vaping in Schools: The grant applicants eloquently articulated their struggles with the pervasive issue of vaping within their schools. Heartfelt stories poured in, painting a vivid picture of the rising number of students vaping and the subsequent erosion of trust between teachers and students. The alarming prevalence of this harmful habit compelled us to take action and offer support to those fighting this battle on the frontlines.

The #NoVaping Initiative: Championing Safer School Environments: At Soter Technologies, we believe in empowering schools to tackle the vaping epidemic head-on. The #NoVaping initiative aims to equip educational institutions with the necessary resources and tools to address this pressing concern effectively. By providing funding to schools across the nation, we endeavor to alleviate the strain on their budgets and enable them to focus on delivering quality education.

Empowering Schools through the Grant Program: Our latest round of grant applications witnessed an overwhelming response, reflecting the widespread need for assistance in combating vaping. We are proud to announce that the majority of schools that applied received funding and support through our #NoVaping Educational Package. Irrespective of the selection outcome, all applicants were provided with resources to further their efforts in creating a vaping-free environment.As we celebrate our January 2019 Grant Winners, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting schools in their battle against the vaping epidemic. Through the #NoVaping initiative, we strive to create safer school environments that prioritize student well-being and foster a culture of education and growth. Our journey is far from over, and we are dedicated to continuing this important work in collaboration with schools across the country. Together, we can build a future where young minds are shielded from the dangers of vaping, and schools can focus on nurturing a generation of informed and empowered individuals.


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