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“They really made an impact exhibiting at their first-ever ISC and feedback from our Executive’s Club members was that they have a very unique solution that many are interested in pursuing.” -Mary Beth Shaughnessy, Director, Reed Expo at ICS West”

In April 2018, Soter Technologies took part in the prestigious 2018 ISC (International Security Conference & Exposition) in Las Vegas. As a leading U.S. forum on comprehensive security, this event provided the perfect platform for Soter to showcase its groundbreaking products, including the FlySense™ Vaping and Elevated Sound Detector, designed to enhance safety and privacy in schools and workplaces. Soter’s commitment to advanced sensor and software technology aims to prevent and mitigate potential threats effectively.

Soter’s Innovative Solutions for Safer Schools and Workplaces:
At the 2018 ISC, Soter Technologies left a lasting impression with its cutting-edge security solutions. Among the highlights were the FlySense™ Vaping and Elevated Sound Detector, which effectively detects vaping and elevated sound without the use of cameras or microphones, ensuring individual privacy while maintaining a secure environment. These cloud-based systems deliver real-time alerts to designated officials, enabling swift and appropriate responses to potential incidents.

Enhanced Incident Management and Reporting:
In addition to the FlySense™ system, Soter Technologies also presented an anonymous reporting mobile app and incident management software. This powerful combination allows users to report, track, and resolve incidents like bullying and sexual harassment promptly and discreetly. Furthermore, the integration of Soter’s social media awareness tool for online threat detection empowers the company to provide comprehensive threat reporting and incident management services.

Positive Feedback from Industry Experts:
Soter Technologies made a significant impact on both customers and security integration partners during the event. Mary Beth Shaughnessy, Director at Reed Expo, the event organizer, praised Soter’s participation in the New Emerging Technology Zone (ETZ) and sponsorship of the ISC Executive’s Club® Passport Program. This collaboration not only introduced Soter Technologies to top buyers and partners but also showcased their unique solutions to a broader audience. The positive feedback received from ISC Executive’s Club members emphasized the genuine interest in Soter’s innovative security offerings.

A Safer World, One School, and Workplace at a Time:
Soter Technologies’ core mission revolves around leveraging advanced sensor and software technology to detect and prevent potentially dangerous situations proactively. The team expresses their gratitude to all ISC attendees who visited their booth and showed genuine interest in their solutions for creating safer and healthier school and workplace environments. By continually striving to make a positive impact on security measures, Soter Technologies aims to contribute to a safer world for all.

The 2018 ISC provided Soter Technologies with an ideal platform to present their innovative security solutions to a receptive audience. With a focus on advanced sensor and software technology, Soter’s FlySense™ Vaping and Elevated Sound Detector, incident management system, and social media awareness tool are revolutionizing security practices in schools and workplaces. Through their commitment to a safer world, Soter Technologies is making a real difference in enhancing safety and privacy in various environments, one step at a time.

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