Soter Technologies Lands Biggest Deal in 2023

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Soter Technologies Lands Biggest Deal in 2023

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Ronkonkoma, NY – December 11, 2023 – Soter Technologies CEO and Founder Derek Peterson announced today that his company booked its largest deal ever the same week it expressed its support for a proactive measure by the Suffolk County (NY) legislature to prohibit the selling of vaping devices camouflaged as harmless, school-related products. 

Peterson said a school district in Texas located along the country’s border with Mexico ordered 375 of Soter Technologies’ FlySense vape detectors through a local, Texas-based installer of telecommunications and security-related equipment. “The scourge of vaping by our nation’s teenagers and even pre-teens is showing signs of getting worse before it gets better. More than 2.1 million students admit to vaping,” Peterson said, “It’s encouraging any time a school district entrusts Soter Technologies to help them meet this challenge.” 

Peterson attributed the growing popularity of vaping our nation’s youth to the insidious marketing practices of the companies pushing this product around the world. “The cartridges (used to inhale the vape) are made to look like highlighters used for studying, or thumb drives. This makes it even more challenging for the most diligent of parents and teachers to determine whether teens and pre-teens are vaping.” 

Peterson said this is why his company made a point of supporting Suffolk County Legislator James Mazzarella’s proposal to forbid the sale of e-cigarette devices resembling highlighters, USB drives, ballpoint pens, smartphone cases, smartwatches and backpacks during a public hearing held this week in Hauppauge.

“Ensuring a safe, learning environment for students and staffers isn’t just a matter of installing devices in bathrooms and locker rooms,” Peterson said. “Soter Technologies provides educational guidance for school districts, and supports measures like Mazzarella’s whenever possible. Most people have no idea about the havoc wreaked by students disrupting class so they can vape in the bathroom and then return to the classroom all jacked up on the stimulants and nicotine contained in the vape itself.”

Since 2015 Soter Technologies has been at the forefront of detecting vape and the loud noises associated with bullying in areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms where monitoring devices such as video cameras cannot be used because of privacy concerns. Peterson invented the technology used throughout the detection industry, and Soter Technologies devices are employed in school districts in all 50 states and in 25 countries around the world. The company owns nine patents – with more pending – pertaining to this detection technology.

About Soter Technologies

Ronkonkoma, New York-based Soter Technologies is committed to protecting the health and well-being of students and the public with advanced technology and creative solutions. Using advanced sensor and software technology, Soter Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental intelligence to make the world a safer place, from schools to enterprises to public spaces. Taking a holistic approach to safety and security, Soter provides technology tools to detect and deter without invading privacy. The company was founded as Digital Fly® in 2015 and was focused on social media awareness. Soter is the first in the world to introduce a vape and bullying detection and alert system for schools – FlySense® Vaping & Elevated Sound Detector. The company’s technology has been embraced by schools across the United States and around the world. The Soter name is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Soter is the personification of safety, deliverance, and preservation from harm. For more information about the company, its services, and products visit: www.sotertechnologies.com.

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