Soter Technologies’ Innovative Safety Solutions Featured on News12

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Soter Technologies’ Innovative Safety Solutions Featured on News12

Ronkonkoma, NY – June 6 2023


Soter Technologies, a leading provider of advanced safety and security solutions, is proud to announce its recent feature on News12. The segment highlighted Soter Technologies’ commitment to revolutionizing safety measures through its groundbreaking products. During the news segment, Soter Technologies’ CEO and Founder, Derek Peterson, introduced the company’s flagship product, FlySense. Designed as the world’s first vape detection system, FlySense utilizes cutting-edge sensor and software technology to identify vaping activities in school bathrooms. When vaping is detected, school administrators receive real-time notifications on their mobile devices, enabling them to address these issues promptly.

Peterson shared his personal motivation behind the creation of FlySense, stating, “Having experienced bullying myself, I was inspired to develop a solution that not only detects vaping but also tackles the broader issue of bullying in schools. We believe that by providing timely alerts and insights, we can create safer and more secure learning environments for students.” Manufactured in close collaboration with Precision Assembly Technologies, a family-owned and operated electronics manufacturing company in Bohemia, Soter Technologies ensures the highest quality standards for its products. By leveraging Precision Assembly Technologies’ state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, Soter Technologies guarantees that each FlySense device is meticulously crafted and capable of delivering reliable results. The impact of Soter Technologies’ safety solutions extends far beyond the Long Island region.

With their commitment to excellence, Soter Technologies has successfully shipped FlySense devices to every state in the United States, as well as 23 countries worldwide. This global reach demonstrates the universal need for proactive safety measures in educational institutions. Soter Technologies remains dedicated to continuous innovation, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to create advanced safety solutions for various settings. Through their commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment, Soter Technologies aims to make a positive difference in the lives of students and educators alike. For more information about Soter Technologies and their groundbreaking safety solutions, please click here.

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