Today Soter releases MyAdvocate, AI cough analysis Technology

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MyAdvocate, AI Cough Analysis Technology

MyAdvocate, AI Cough Analysis Technology to Help Young People Quit Harmful Smoking and Vaping Habit

We have partnered with Denver-based RAIsonance Inc., a family of companies dedicated to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)-based solutions for the safety, security, and healthcare diagnostics markets. The companies will work together to bring MyAdvocateTM, a Rapid Biometric Cough Signature Analysis Technology app, to schools and parents to support the reduction of youth vaping and smoking.

Parents and school administrators across the United States have been looking for tools and approaches to stop the youth vaping epidemic. School administrators in particular want to find ways to help students as opposed to punishing them when they are addicted to nicotine. MyAdvocate gives parents and school leaders mobile technology that young people can connect with and use to monitor their progress as they work to break their nicotine addiction.

MyAdvocate for Vape Recovery and Smoking Recovery is a completely new, biometric tracking app that detects and measures the respiratory improvements users achieve while quitting smoking or vaping. Using artificial intelligence, MyAdvocate technology compares Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) signatures, which are intentional coughs, to the user’s previously created baseline. With each new cough, MyAdvocate generates a new score that shows the recovery progress.

To create a baseline, users record several sets of FCVs. From those recordings, MyAdvocate uses AI to create a baseline that is as unique as a fingerprint. This baseline is a multi-dimensional composite consisting of dozens of unique cough features from each cough. Each new cough is then compared to this baseline and scored, to show the user’s progress toward recovery. The MyAdvocate product line works on both Android and Apple smartphones, giving schools, parents, and young people an additional set of smart tools to help them stop vaping and smoking.

“Our proprietary AI analyzes these biometric FCV signals, creating a personalized way to capture, track and monitor progress. Young people are drawn to mobile technology and it is our goal to give them a tool that is easy to use, and helps them see the result of their efforts to quit. Providing frequent, direct, and personal feedback is a proven approach to supporting this very difficult journey. Partnering with Soter Technologies is a big win for us – they are a leader in this space and have done tremendous work in supporting young people, their families, and their schools in this critical initiative. We are so proud to be working with them,” said Kitty Kolding, CEO and Founder, RAIsonance Group of Companies.

Soter’s experience in the K-12 market, mobile application and backend monitoring technology have been paired with RAIsonance’s AI cough analyzer technology. By combining their technology, MyAdvocate for Vape Recovery app users have real time tracking of their cessation efforts.

“Youth smoking continues to be a problem and the student vaping epidemic is out of control across the USA. Millions of students from middle schools and high schools are vaping, and school administrators need solutions that will help students who are addicted instead of punishing them. Education and awareness help reduce vaping and smoking, but the process of breaking the addiction cycle is difficult and painful for many, especially young people. MyAdvocate for Smoking Recovery and Vape Recovery is a perfect addition to the products and services we offer. With this technology as a key part of anti-vaping efforts, I am certain we will help more young people break the nicotine addiction cycle and quit vaping and smoking,” said Derek Peterson, CEO Soter Technologies.

MyAdvocate will be added to Soter Technologies FlySense vape detection and alert system and “NO VAPE” educational awareness program which has been proven to reduce vaping in schools by focusing on the health hazards.

Post-pandemic vaping has reemerged in schools. More and more students are vaping and each vape liquid pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes in addition to other harmful chemicals.

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