Understanding Just How Dangerous Vaping Can Be

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Heartbreaking stories like this one recently shared by Mishpacha Magazine abound in schools around the world. “One early afternoon at school, my (teenage) son accepted a ‘vape pen’ from one of his friends and decided to take a couple of drags from the device, to be cool like the other kids who had been vaping for months already. My son had never tried cigarettes, vape pens, or marijuana before. Immediately after taking three drags from the vape pen, he began to feel ill and, within 90 seconds, was unconscious on the floor. One of the other boys had the good sense to call for a teacher, as they thought my son could die in the bathroom…The ER physician told (the boy’s mother) that we were lucky my son did not die from cardiac arrest or have a stroke from such a high dose of THC. He further explained that he sees this reaction all the time in the pediatric ER with high THC concentrations in teenagers.” Teens & pre-teens vaping on school grounds during the school day are a major concern for school officials. Fortunately, resources such as Soter Technologies’ FlySense vaping detection devices notify school officials in real-time when vaping (and/or bullying) occurs in areas such as restrooms where recording devices are not an option due to privacy issues.

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