Vape detection is important, especially in high schools

Vaping was affecting Kīhei Charter School of Kīhei Charter School so much that they sought Flysense’s innovative steps to snuff out vaping on campus.
 “Not only are we able to work toward preventing students from vaping on campus, but through our counseling programs, we are also able to address and support the students who may be addicted,” Michael Stubbs, Head of School, said.
Vaping is burdening schools from all over the US. 2.14 million high school students and 380,000 middle school students report vape use according to the FDA.
1 in 7 high school students now vapes. Vaping doesn’t have enough data to show its long-term effects. We must all work together to prevent youth from vaping.
Our patented Flysense technology is proven effective and detecting and deterring vaping in schools. You can find our in-school vaping solutions here.

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