Empowering Video Conferencing Solutions: A Comprehensive Look at Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams


On the market today there are so many new apps and websites offering video conferencing capabilities. When it comes to video conference calls, everyone has their preferred method of service. Sometimes that is influenced by your company; other times, the cost of the service can come into play. But which is truly the best approach for your wants and needs?

  1. Zoom

Best-known for being the go-to choice for businesses that need access to quick and convenient video for internal and external conferencing. Zoom has the capability to host meetings for up to 40 minutes with up to 100 participants. It also features whiteboard tools and polling options- quite impressive for the free plan. Another benefit it has is the power to see all participants on one tiled screen, this is a great feature when trying to visually connect with each member on the call. A negative to Zoom would be the cost of upgrading the meeting to a duration longer than 40 minutes.

  1. Google Meet

For businesses that already use the G Suite platform, there are great advantages to using Meet. You can invite participants to a meeting straight from your Google calendar. In addition, it is not necessary to spend valuable dollars on a separate video conferencing service. One downfall to Meet is that you can only access it via the Google Chrome web browser. This isn’t a huge obstacle, but it can be annoying if you use another browser. Also, it might create delays for participants who are unfamiliar with Meet.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Quality video conference solution that integrates with other popular Microsoft programs. It has similar features to both Zoom and Meet, including desktop sharing and chat messaging. Teams is another service that you don’t have to pay extra for with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. One downside to Microsoft Teams is that you can’t conduct video conferences from a web browser. There is a web app, but to host or join a video meeting, you need to be on either the desktop or mobile app.

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