Need Funding for a Safe Back to School?


With the end of the school year approaching, and summer already beginning for some, school leadership is focused on creating a plan for getting students back into the classrooms safely. Soter Technologies wants to help make “back to school” as safe as possible with the ultimate environmental sensor, FlySense®.

FlySense® is the leader in real-time vape detection™ with 8,000 devices deployed across 21 countries and 49 states. The device has the capability to also pick up on sound anomalies that may be an indicator of bullying.

These devices are perfect for the restrooms and locker rooms because there are no cameras.

Teachers and principals will be able to get real-time data via SMS text message and/or email. Giving them the ability to take control of the vaping and bullying problem in school.

Soter Technologies is here to change the world and make schools a safer and healthier spaces so they have started a #NoVaping Grant Program. This is a quick and free application, with rolling admissions. That may earn you up to 40% off your purchase!

Take advantage and apply for your school today!

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