Enhancing School Safety with FlySense® by Soter Technologies. Funding for a Safe Back to School!


As the school year draws to a close and plans for a safe return to classrooms are in motion, school leaders are prioritizing student well-being. At Soter Technologies, we are dedicated to creating a secure learning environment, and with our cutting-edge environmental sensor, FlySense®, we aim to make the “back to school” transition as safe as possible. Let’s explore how FlySense® can revolutionize school safety and address vaping and bullying concerns effectively.

FlySense®: The Leader in Real-Time Vape Detection™: FlySense® has established itself as a leader in real-time vape detection™, with over 8,000 devices deployed across 21 countries and 49 states. Its advanced technology not only detects vaping incidents but also identifies sound anomalies that could indicate bullying situations. A key advantage is that FlySense® does not rely on cameras, making it an ideal solution for sensitive areas like restrooms and locker rooms, safeguarding individual privacy.

Empowering School Leaders with Real-Time Data: With FlySense®, teachers and principals gain access to real-time data through SMS text messages and/or email alerts. This empowers them to proactively address vaping and bullying issues as they arise, fostering a safer and healthier school environment. By having instant insights, school leaders can take decisive actions, promoting a zero-tolerance stance against harmful behaviors.

The #NoVaping Grant Program: Soter Technologies is committed to transforming schools into safer spaces, and to support this mission, we have initiated the #NoVaping Grant Program. Schools can apply quickly and easily, with rolling admissions, and may be eligible for up to 40% off their FlySense® purchase. This program aims to equip schools with the tools needed to combat vaping and bullying, empowering them to create a positive school culture.

As we approach the end of the school year and look ahead to a safer “back to school” experience, FlySense® by Soter Technologies emerges as a game-changer in school safety. With its unparalleled real-time vape detection™ capabilities and sound anomaly monitoring, FlySense® equips school leaders with vital data to address vaping and bullying incidents promptly. We are dedicated to making schools safer and healthier, and through our #NoVaping Grant Program, we strive to support schools in their mission to create a nurturing learning environment for every student. Don’t miss this opportunity to apply for the grant and embrace FlySense® as your partner in promoting a secure and inclusive school space. Together, let’s build a future where schools thrive as havens of learning, growth, and safety for our students.


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